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Flower Shower book (signed copy)

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LIMITED STOCK: This listing is for a signed copy of Flower Shower (each will be hand sign once the order is placed).

Flower Shower the first monograph by photographer Alexandra Sophie, published in Spring 2022. Un-signed copies can be found worldwide at your local bookstore.


English - Hardcover - 216 pages - Size 25 x 30 cm  (10 in x 12.01 in)

Published by The Images Publishing Group. Printed in Belgium.

ISBN 9781864709223 

Prefaced by Nathalie Colin (former Swarovski Art Director)


A selection of transparent pages invites the viewer to meet models in a luxuriant natural world.


The world through Alexandra Sophie’s lens is never motionless; there’s a rush of life everywhere you look. The artist has a way of making us want to chase the water’s flow, climb trees, and run free in the meadows alongside her female subjects, driven by an insatiable desire for freedom. She extends a hand to us, inviting us to lay down beside her in the tall grass, to hold it tight, to roll around in it. It’s a sensual invitation to play with the shadows dancing over our skin.

Deep within this unspoiled Eden, whether real or imagined, there’s a softness that somehow jars with the abrasiveness of the world around us. Alexandra Sophie’s images are a form of refuge, a place we can disappear into, a sacred feminine space at once fragile and powerful—and authentically female.

Who are the women that inhabit her world? Elf-like millennials, ethereal creatures, shamans, hippies fresh from Woodstock. Their femininity walks the line between contemporary and eternal. It’s as though they were calling on some ancient Druid or Animist rite while asserting their unwavering environmental activism. With every page, we meet a woman-flower who could easily go by the name of Violet, Blanche, Rose, Bluebell, Flora, Garance, Marguerite, Lila… Something about them makes us want to follow them  across the pages.

Nathalie Colin

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