Jardin Fleuri (2012)

Jardin Fleuri is a series representing the different ages of a woman. It started from the photo "Blooming Garden" representing a mother. This series is all about harmony with our bodies and our majestic nature. The natural miracle of life, age and time. I feel blessed to be a woman and truly wanted to represent how I personally felt when a seed grew in my body. Generally, it's an homage to all women and nature incredibleness.

This is not a generalization of womanhood saying that we are created to follow a specific line and end up making babies. We must not always go through all the stages ; obviously. Fortunately, most of us have the incredible power of hosting a life in our womb and even though women may choose to not have children, I don't think we should deny it by not talking about it. Whatever are their choices of life and personal stories, all women are wonderful.

Where the weird things are (2010-)

I was 8 and was blessed with a camera since already several years. I used to shoot friends at birthday parties and snails on flowers in the garden. I took photo of everything without any goal. Developed months after I shot them, I looked at the pictures being disappointed : they were not like the moments I remembered. I remembered to see monsters, aliens or ghosts, but none of them appeared on the photos, once developed. With the help of the journal I wrote during my childhood and a digital pen, I decided to repair all the mistakes that obviously happened during the development of the pictures - or maybe all these were just dreams? Work in progress.

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