Alexandra Sophie is a French artist and photographer. She grows up in the French countryside and discover photography during childhood through disposable cameras. Due to a long illness, Alexandra stops school at age 14 and it's naturally that, quickly, photography evolve from a passion to a career.

Her sunny, natural yet powerful work shared online rapidly brings praise from the photography world and are soon featured in the local newspaper and, not long later, in her first Vogue and Elle magazine, internationally.

In 2008, Alexandra meets her husband through an art-sharing online platform (deviantArt). Their first son is born in 2011 and motherhood will inspire Alexandra Sophie drastically. Their second son is born in 2015.

In 2013, while Alexandra move to Fiji islands, she wins her first international award as "Best Emerging Photographer of the Year" from the International Framed Awards and is a finalist of Vogue x Bottega Veneta Exposure contest where she is requested to shoot a story for Vogue, which will be exhibited in New York the same month.

In 2014 and 2015, back to a life in France, she spend a lot of her time giving talks and workshops where she is invited ; in Spain, Italy, Mexico, France, and being a member of the jury for several international photography awards (URBAN Italy, SIPA, Tour de France photo).

At the same time, she signs her first fashion editorials for Numero, Vogue Japan and Vogue China, Harper's Bazaar UK and first international fashion campaigns.
Meanwhile, Alexandra's images are frequently used on books and albums covers from Harper Collins, Penguin books, MacMillan, Universal and Mercury etc.

Alexandra, her husband and two homeschooled sons, when they are not on the road, now live in the French countryside in a bi-century manor they are passionately renovating and where they aim to live as close to nature and in as much self sufficiency as possible. It only takes a quick train trip to Paris or a short flight to fashion capitals from where Alexandra's keep on shootings for world's major fashion magazines and fashion and beauty brands.

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